Pre-Sales Support

Helping You Land The Sale

Need help hitting the bulls-eye on your sales quota and commission target? We have all the resources you need plus 7-day support to help you. Simply e-mail us at to take advantage of any of our Pre-Sales Support offers.

Product Walkthrough

One of our skilled sales representatives will personally guide you and your team through our platform and discuss how clients can leverage the multi-channel capabilities of the Toolkit.

Customer Presentation Assistance

Partner with one of our seasoned representatives to assist you during your presentation, allowing us to respond to any of your customer's questions or concerns right on the spot.

Use-Case Consultation

Contact us for use-case ideas and guidance on how to successfully pitch the solutions.

Feature Request

If you have a request for a new feature, feature enhancement, or suggestion for the Messaging Toolkit, we encourage you to let us know.

Developer API Consultation

Get more information about our API capabilities by speaking directly with one of our API specialists.

Market & Competitive Information

If you need competitive research, we’ll do it for you. We also provide marketing statistics.

Collateral Creation

Our creative support team is available to assist you with designing your sales collateral.

For additional questions, comments, or feedback, please email